Etched Ring

X 7ears

Compositor: Ederson Willian

We met some time ago
If we'd stay together
No one would ever know

Never meant to have this feeling for you
How could things get this way?
There was nothing I could do

There's a flame that burns inside of your heart
But it don't belong to me
I just close the door

Now it's time that I left you alone
Live your life in peace
We are no longer one

We had sad and wonderful nights
In you I saw a light
But they weren't enough

I have wiped away the tears
But through all of these years
I still feel your touch

I wish that etched ring was for me
(But it ain't for me)
And I know that it ain't for me
(I wish it was for me)

So I'll leave, leave you for good
I have turned the pages
And I've closed the book

There's no point in making the same mistakes
I will find my way on this rainy day

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